About US

A little bit about me…

I am a Union County native who grew up on a family farm where we raised quarter horses and ran a local feed and tack shop that was started by my grandfather in the 1950s. I chose not to stay in the family business, but didn’t stray too far. I attended Queen’s University for my bachelor’s degree in nursing and eventually received my master’s from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

I met my husband, Khoi, during those years, and throughout graduate school, we lived in a townhome and then eventually a small home in Charlotte. At each place, I insisted on dragging around all my huge (and admittedly heavy) potted plants, dreaming of one day having a permanent place to put them.

In 2017, after the birth of our daughter, we came up against some unexpected health. challenges that reordered our family plans and completely restructured our priorities.
We moved out of the city and bought a few acres in Indian Trail to be closer to family. On these acres, my potted plants found their forever home. This was a transitional period in our lives, and working in the garden gave me a much needed
respite from some of the challenges surrounding us.

I continued adding to my plant collection and growing unique blooms that were not
locally available. I started sharing my bouquets with family and friends who seemed
to delight in these hard-won beauties. As my knowledge increased, I became eager
to share my passion for local flowers with others. My goal is not only to share
our blooms but to share our journey so that other Southern gardeners might be inspired
to grow their own cutting gardens. To this end, we do offer curated cutting garden
kits arranged by color and theme comprising heat-loving flowers that can withstand
our humid summers.

So why so loco about local blooms….

Well for starters, they are straight from the field in your community, so along with being local, they are the freshest
you can find. They also support our local economy and bring back the idea of American-grown flowers.

Our commitment to the community goes well beyond making sure we are American-grown. We have also committed to growing our flowers with sustainable and organic practices. This is and will continue to be a learning journey for us, but we are big believers in respecting our land and the creatures that call it home. We have taken the time to learn from other well-established organic growers and developed our organic management plan with a soil scientist. We understand that any farming practice has an impact on the environment, but we aim to grow in a manner that enables pollinators, birds, and other wildlife to safely inhabit our land. We ultimately strive to grow flowers you can feel good about bringing into your home and sharing with your loved ones. If you are interested in the environmental impact of imported flowers, here is a great TED article: The environmental impact of cut flowers? Not so rosy.

This continues to be quite a journey, but we hope to have you along with us for the ride. To learn more about our seasonal
offerings and home gardening seed kits, please check out our our website and store.